Psychotherapy and Couple Counseling

 A Mutually Created Individualized Approach

Adults, Couples and Adolescents

 Institute Trained and Certified in

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

 New York State Licensed

I’ve been in practice for many years and bring to my work the skill and sensitivity of this experience.  I provide individual psychotherapy and couple counseling.

Since everyone is different, and also may want different things from therapy, my approach is always individualized.  My focus is directed toward developing the most effective ways to address each persons’ needs and goals.  This often involves considering circumstances,  past and present, that could be interfering with the achievement of these goals.

The provision of a non-judgmental and supportive environment is central to my work.  I want to provide the best opportunity I can for people to express their thoughts and feelings openly and freely so that we can develop a greater understanding of their concerns.  In both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis,  I contribute to the process and view our work as a collaboration.

When working with couples, I look to improve communication and to help each partner understand and clarify their issues within the relationship. I believe there is no “right” or “wrong” way to be in a relationship – only the way that best nurtures both partners and the relationship itself. Learning to listen to each other and jointly seek alternative solutions is very important.  This effects present difficulties as well as the development of negotiating techniques for use in the future.

I have extensive experience working with: interpersonal and relationship problems, couple counseling, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorders and dissociative disorders.


My Graduate Degree is from Columbia University. I have Post Graduate Certification in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and additional Certification in the Supervision of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. I have also completed a specialized training course in the treatment of trauma, including work with survivors of abuse.

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